Mike Tyson: At age 53, will Tyson be able to walk in the ring?

Mike Tyson: At age 53, will Tyson be able to walk in the ring?

In the world of heavyweight boxing, there are many scenes in the ring that give an idea of the intensity and danger of the sport. But sometimes the fans watch some matches that are etched in their minds forever.

The year 1997 was memorable in many ways. On the one hand, the world was mourning the death of British Princess Lady Diana, on the other hand, Hong Kong was being handed over from Britain to China.

At the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, USA, 15,000 people were watching the best boxer of the decade chewing on his opponent's ear. It was a match that upset boxing referees as well.
The ear-splitting boxer was disqualified after the match was stopped and his rival Evander Holyfield was declared the winner. This is the first time in the history of heavyweight titles in 50 years.

It was the last part of the charismatic and controversial career of Mike Tyson, the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history. Hollyfield had seven stitches to his ear after the match. Mike Tyson was fined لاکھ 300,000 and his boxing license was suspended.
The two players not only reconciled after retiring from the game but are now good friends.

Tyson apologized to Hollyfield at the Opera Winfrey show and even took home a piece of the ear he had chewed and thrown into the ring.

Both Tyson and Hollyfield's match-goers and boxing fans wanted the two boxers to return to the ring for one final match. However, this has not happened in the last decade.

Boxing fans, on the other hand, who do not see Tyson in the ring because of his age or circumstances, still wish they could see the world's most dangerous heavyweight boxer in the ring once again.

Mike Tyson announces return to boxing

Little did anyone, or even Tyson, 53, know that in 15 years he would announce his return to the world of boxing, as well as his old rival and friend Hollyfield. ...

Tyson shared a video on his Instagram account in which he can be seen training a young athlete. At the end of the video, he says, "I'm back."
It should be noted that Tyson is currently asking to participate in a charity match. But after entering the ring, the boxer sees only one body on which he has to punch, and whether the match is charitable or a world title, both boxers are hungry to win.

Is Mike Tyson's full return possible?

The love of the fans and the enthusiasm of the fans has its place. But can any boxer at this age, no matter how great a player of his time, be back in the boxing ring?

That's the question I asked Duncan Oglow, director of the Department of Strength and Conditioning at the University of East London.

His response was that "as a person ages, blood reaches the arteries of his brain slower and therefore his ability to make decisions or" reaction time "decreases.

"It means that if a boxer encounters a younger player, the older player will have less mental capacity than his opponent."
Boxing is a sport in which strength and reaction time are an integral part of the game. In sports such as golf or snooker, players may be over 40 years old, but in both of these sports, the technique is more involved than rehearsal time.

But in a sport like boxing, the player has to decide where and at what angle to hit the opponent's punch while avoiding his opponent's punch.

That is if your technique is very good but you are still late in deciding when to punch, the counterpunch you get maybe a knockout punch and the game ends in the blink of an eye!

Duncan, who has worked with 200 different athletes so far, said: "If Mike Tyson were to compete with a player his age, such as Hollyfield, he would be equal because both have the same age and fitness level. As it happens

"But if Tyson decides to play a match with a player younger than himself, he will have to do more fitness and training than boxing, because with each round, Tyson will get tired faster and the younger boxer will have to wait."

According to experts, Tyson is one of the best boxers of his time and the best boxer of this century and his technique can still be better than many boxers today.

This means that if they decide to fight with a younger player, they will not have time to win the match on 12 rounds and points. Instead, they will have to hit a knockout punch, depending on their experience and technique, in the first three or four rounds.

Bob Iram, the promoter of British heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, has said that a charity match between him and Tyson Fury could be possible if Mike Tyson returns to the ring.

If that happened then it would be a unique tradition and a memorable match.

Boxer Tyson Fury was born prematurely in 1998, and doctors told his father that Fury had little hope of survival. John Fury named his son after Mike Tyson after his birth because John Fury believed that his son was a fighter like Mike Tyson and had escaped death.

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