When did the corona virus reach the United States? A shocking revelation came out

When did the Coronavirus reach the United States? A shocking revelation came out

A new revelation from local medical authorities in the United States has revealed that the Novel Coronavirus virus had reached the United States before it was reported, but it was considered a common cold.

According to the details, Dr. Sarah, a Santa Clara County officer, said that COVID-19 began to spread in the US state of California in January, several weeks before the scheduled time, which was not even known and we understand that people are normal. Died of flu.

Dr. Sarah Cody told the media that a 57-year-old woman died of the corona virus on February 6 and that no deaths had been reported from the Coronavirus in the United States before, and the first reported death from the corona in the United States. She was born in Washington on February 29, suffering from a respiratory illness caused by a virus.

Following the news, California health officials decided to take further steps to understand the spread of the corona epidemic.

"It shows that even before we knew it, the corona virus had spread rapidly in our community, and since the flu season was in full swing, these cases have also been reported," Cody said. Influenza was considered.

The three cases were identified because medical examiners were not satisfied with their deaths. At the time, testing for the corona virus was not possible, so they saved tissues from their bodies and sent them to the CDC.

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