What must people with coronavirus and other dangerous diseases do before fasting?

What must people with CoronaVirus and other dangerous diseases do before fasting?

In the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast with religious fervor and every Muslim strives to reap the blessings of this blessed month by fasting this month - but as we all know that Islam is the religion of nature And there is no force or coercion anywhere in it. At the same time, ALLAH has clearly stated in the Qur'aan that if a person is ill, he should not fast, but should count the number of days after he has recovered in the days to come. Complete it and if he does not have any hope of recovery, then he can pay the ransom for this fast. Today we will tell you about some of these diseases. People with this condition should consult their doctor before fasting so that fasting does not cause him any discomfort.

1:Diabetic Patient;

About 300 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, and a large number of them are Muslims who still fast despite the disease. There are two dangers to fasting in this disease. In the first case, the level of sugar can fall too much due to fasting and cause death - and in the second case, the level of sugar can be so high that sugar can cause poisoning in the blood and cause death. This may be the reason why physicians can better decide whether a diabetic should fast or not. It is generally said that if the sugar level is up to 60 then the fast should be broken and also if the sugar level is more than 250 then the fast should be broken.

2:Heart Patient;

Doctors generally believe that fasting is beneficial for heart patients and they can also fast according to the doctor's advice because fasting produces substances in the body that Not only does it lower blood cholesterol but it also helps control high blood pressure - but it is generally seen that heart patients get worse during Ramadan. In fact, the reason for this is their own carelessness, which they do on the occasion of Sahar and Iftar, because they are very greasy. The material may be unwell is due to cardiac patients must adhere strictly to the diet plan that will be given by their doctors.

3:Patients infected with Corona Virus;

In recent days, the corona virus has spread around the world and people do not know much about it due to the new disease - this is causing them to wonder whether people infected with the corona virus are fasting. Scholars agree that if a patient has coronavirus but does not show symptoms of the disease, he can fast while in quarantine, and if he is accompanied by coronavirus. If he suffers from other ailments, he should consult his doctor in this regard. However, if the symptoms of corona are at a dangerous level. In that case, he may break his fast.

4:Patients with Kidney disease;

People believe that drinking water is very important for kidney disease - that is why the patient should not fast during the month of Ramadan due to fear of dehydration, but this is a completely wrong impression because experts It is believed that a person usually needs one and a half to two liters of water - but the amount of water people use in Ramadan can reach three to four liters, so if you have a kidney disease Depending on the nature of the doctor's advice, fasting can be done. If a patient is undergoing dialysis, he should be given water anyway. It is forbidden to use it, but once he can keep all these people before fasting should consult your doctor if you have a risk of developing the disease, he carefully fasting.

5:Pregnant Women; 
 The decision regarding the fast of a pregnant woman depends on the duration of her pregnancy and her health. But the fast of a pregnant woman is not redeemed. She should complete the count of fasts at the end of her pregnancy.

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